Belfast Municipal Airport

Airport Overview

Belfast Municipal Airport (Federal Aviation Administration airport code BST, International Civil Aviation Organization airport code KBST, Federal Aviation Administration site number 07837), located between the North and South phases of the Belfast Airport Business Park (the airport’s terminal/administration Building is located at 22 Wright Brothers Drive, Belfast, or at 44°24’34.2" North, 69°00’30.1" West), is a 218-acre general aviation airport, located at 197.6 feet above mean sea level. Runway 15-33 is the airport’s runway; it measures 4,000 feet long and 100 feet wide, and is paved and lighted.

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The airport itself is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Runway 15-33 is also open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, unless it is closed due to poor surface conditions or due to other impacts (which will be communicated via the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) system).  You can view current conditions from a live camera feed by clicking here.  City staff are at the airport on an irregular basis only, and surface conditions are only reported/updated between 9 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday, December through March (months when freezing temperatures occur on a regular basis).

Covid-19 Special Statement

Physical access to the airport property and terminal building by the general public is governed by 17-A M.R.S.A. Section 402. The terminal is only staffed part time and is not sanitized following every visit. 

Please note that as of August 2, 2021 masks are required for all visitors to the Terminal.

Please call 207-338-3370 x600 or 603-970-1947 if you need assistance.

Airport Facilities & Equipment

The UNICOM frequency for Belfast Municipal Airport is 122.975 MHz.

  • 2 UNICOM clicks activates the Automated Weather Observing System (AWOSAV with ceilometer)
  • 3 UNICOM clicks activates the low intensity runway lights and the runway end identifier lights (REILs).
  • 5 UNICOM clicks activates the medium intensity runway lights and the runway end identifier lights (REILs).
  • 7 UNICOM clicks activates the high intensity runway lights and the runway end identifier lights (REILs).

Tie downs and engine block heater outlets located at the newer, western apron (to the northwest of the terminal/administration building) are available on a first-come, first-served basis at no charge. Please note, the airport does not supply tie down ropes. The airport has a terminal/administration building with heat and air conditioning that is available to the aviation community, and there is also free wireless internet available (BST Guest) at the airport. Also please note, there is no fuel system at the airport at the current time so fuel cannot be purchased.  We plan to have 100LL and Jet A by Spring 2022.

Airport Manager

For all airport-related matters, please contact Airport Manager Kenneth Ortmann via office phone at (207) 338-3370 x600, text or voice via cell phone at (603) 970-1947 or email at

If you are a pilot who uses the airport and have suggestions on how it may be improved, or if you are a pilot who would like to use the airport but is currently unable to because the airport is lacking in infrastructure, in facilities, or in some other aspect, please share that information with the Airport Manager.

Airport Information Resources

Fixed Base Operators Serving Belfast Municipal Airport

Belfast Municipal Airport has 1 fixed base operator:

DG Aviation LLC

Services provided: inspection, maintenance, and repair services for general aviation aircraft up to and including light twins; flight instructor on staff for biennial flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks; and short- and long-term hangar rentals.

Contact information: Dave Aldrich (Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument): 207-338-0298 or 239-784-7472; Jim Watts (Inspection Authorization, Airframe and Powerplant): 207-631-3311

Private Ground Transportation Serving Belfast Municipal Airport

Taxi service to and from the airport is available from 6 AM to 6 PM from Bay Taxi (207-338-1993). Reservations several hours in advance are strongly recommended!

Car rentals are available from Enterprise Rent-A-Car ( 207-338-0945 or 800-RENTACAR). Enterprise Rent-A-Car can have vehicles available at the Airport with a prior arrangement.  Maine is experiencing the same rental car shortage as the rest of the country, so reservations weeks/months in advance are strongly recommended!

Public Transportation Serving the Belfast Municipal Airport

The Waldo Community Action Partners public transportation route, shown below in blue, is currently a “Demand - Response” system available M-W-F. The system requests the public call with at least 24-hour notice to request a pickup. However, passengers are welcome to call any time to see about availability.

Please make sure to request a vehicle with bicycle rack if needed.  Service animals can be accommodated.

 The regular non COVID charge per trip is $2.00 but the system expects to be able to provide free fares for the remainder of 2021.  

 Call the reservations group at 207-338-4769, Mon-Fri from 0700 to 1700.      Click here for more information.    


Private Hangars at Belfast Municipal Airport

Limited space is currently available at the airport for the construction of new private hangars. For more information, please contact Airport Manager Kenneth Ortmann via phone at 603-970-1947, or via email or download an information packet (PDF). (Please note, while subletting of hangars is allowed, the Airport Manager does not maintain a comprehensive list of existing private hangars available for sublease.)

Business Development at Belfast Municipal Airport

Belfast Municipal Airport’s closed runway (10-28) serves as an ideal area for future commercial aviation development, an area consisting of 13 acres of level, dry land in close proximity to utilities. An access road currently connects this potential business development site with the south phase of the immediately adjacent Belfast Airport Business Park. The City of Belfast will potentially consider any business development proposal for this site that is be FAA-compliant. If you have interest in bringing your aviation-related business to Belfast Municipal Airport, please contact Airport Manager Kenneth Ortmann via phone at 603-970-1947, or via email, or download an information packet.

Open Projects


Other Information

Airport Projects

Recent (2019) construction of New Runway 15 Partial Parallel Taxiway and Runway 33 Bypass Taxiway.

A public information meeting to discuss the project, its schedule, and typical items of work anticipated during construction (such as trucking routes, dust mitigation, working hours, and blasting procedures was held on the evening of August 23rd, 2018, in Council Chambers at Belfast City Hall.

Other documents related to this project:

2016 Airport Master Plan Update - Phase II