Motor Vehicle Registration

Online Renewal

Renew your vehicle registration online.

Registration Requirements

All registrations require proof of insurance and mileage. Previous Registration is sometimes required for certain transactions, Example: transfer of plates, previous registration completed at a BMV Office or another Municipality.

If you are required to file an SR 22(high risk Insurance) or your privilege to register is under suspension, you will be required to pay your excise tax before you can go to BMV to complete your registration. COVID19: During this time the DMV is allowing Municipalities to complete SR22 registrations in our office. We are able to verify via email with the DMV your SR22, so please contact our office prior to coming in so that we may receive the authorization to complete your registration here.

Change of Address: Please provide current registration and proof of residency. Proof of Residency: Maine ID or License, current utility bill, bank statement, pay stub or anything official that provides us with your address here in Belfast.


Renewals require the expiring registration, proof of insurance(current) and mileage.

New Registration

We do not offer quotes over the phone, please come in with paperwork for an accurate quote.

Dealer Sale: New registrations require dealer paperwork, including the blue title application, buyers order for proof of sales tax paid, proof of insurance, and window sticker for a New Vehicle: Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

Private Sale: If the vehicle was purchased in a private sale, please provide the vehicle title(1995 or newer), bill of sale and proof of insurance.

New to Maine: Please bring your vehicle title for 1995 or newer, previous registration, proof of insurance, mileage and proof of residency. Proof of residency can be a pay stub, utility bill, state of Maine ID/License, or a Lease/Rental Agreement. If your vehicle is currently financed, we will need proof of the Lien Holder information and the up to date Lien Holder Mailing Address.

We cannot process a new registration without the Title to your vehicle, unless it is financed.

The State of Maine will honor out of state Inspection Stickers until they expire, however, if you come from a State that does not require a State Inspection, you will need to immediately go to an inspection station after you register your vehicle with us.