Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses Are Due Annually

Licensing begins October 15th through January 31st

If you own or keep a dog that is six months of age or older, or within 10 days of moving to town, you are required to license your dog. Your dog must be licensed by January 31st every year. Please come to the City Clerk’s Office to license your dog.

You will need to bring a current Maine rabies certificate and if your dog has been spayed or neutered, bring verification from the veterinarian. The fee is $11 for unaltered dogs (dogs that have not been fixed) and $6 for altered dogs (dogs that have been fixed).

Dogs licensed after January 31st (end of workday 5 p.m.) will have a $25 late fee in addition to the cost of the license.

Dog license renewals can be done online by using the Maine system as listed below or by mail. Please call the City Clerk’s office 207-338-3370.
City of Belfast participates in the
State of Maine
Dog Licensing
Online Purchasing and Renewal Service
All dog renewals must be completed by January 31st. If you are licensing a wolf hybrid, service/search or rescue dog or obtaining a kennel license please contact your municipal clerks office 207-338-3370.

What you will need to license online:

  • Credit Card
  • License/Tag number (Renewal only)
  • State of Maine Rabies certificate
  • Veterinarian's name and phone number
  • Spay or Neuter Certificate (if your dog has been “fixed”)
  • Maine Online Dog Licensing

View Rabies Clinic Information (PDF).