November 7, 2017 Election

The City of Belfast will be holding an Election on November 7, 2017 for the State of Maine Ballot, our Municipal Ballot, and a Regional School Unit (RSU) Number 71 Ballot. Locations are the Belfast Boathouse and the United Methodist Church. Regular Absentee voting is in process up until 5 p.m. on Thursday November 2, 2017. Friday and Monday immediately prior to the Election is open to Special Circumstance Absentee voting only, which can only be done in person at the Clerk's Office at 131 Church Street. Please feel free to view the following Sample Ballots and Notice of Elections:

Notice of Election Boathouse (PDF)
Notice of Election Methodist Church (PDF)
State of Maine Sample Ballot (PDF)
City of Belfast Sample Ballot (PDF)
RSU Number 71 Sample Ballot (PDF)

 Election Results: Local Election (PDF)
 Election Results: State Election (PDF)