Wight and Congress Streets Improvement Project

Project Summary:

The City of Belfast is considering making a series of infrastructure improvements to the entirety of Wight Street and to an adjacent section of Congress Street (the section located between Wight Street and US Route 1). The primary infrastructure improvements being considered for Wight Street include reconstructing its road base, installing one sidewalk, installing storm drainage, installing curbing, installing pedestrian crossings, installing bicycle lanes, and incorporating traffic calming measures. The primary infrastructure improvement being considered for Congress Street is an extension of the sewer line.

The project has a current estimated cost of $2,555,000, and the following three sources of funding will be utilized: 1) a $690,000 Community Development Block Grant Public Infrastructure Grant; 2) $972,000 in Congressionally Directed Spending (earmark) from Transportation, Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill and the Housing and Urban Development Economic Development Initiatives account; and 3) $893,000 in debt that will be paid for by revenue generated by the Wight Street Affordable Housing Development and Tax Increment Financing District.

Project-related Meetings:

The City of Belfast would like to know what residents of the neighborhood where these improvements are going to be made have for suggestions, comments, and other input regarding this project. To that end, the Belfast City Council will be holding a Public Listening Session on Monday, June 27th, 2022, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, at the Waldo County Shrine Club, located at 20 Northport Avenue in Belfast.

Recording of the June 27th, 2022 Public Listening Session (1:31:58 in length)

Summary Sheet for the June 27th, 2022 Public Listening Session

Letter to Neighbors Regarding the June 27th, 2022 Public Listening Session

On Monday, June 13th, 2022, the Belfast City Council held a workshop with Mandy Olver of Olver Associates to discuss the project concept and parameters. 

Recording of the June 13th, 2022 City Council Workshop (2:05:15 in length)

Project Comments:

If one has comments or questions regarding this infrastructure project, please contact City of Belfast Economic Development Director Thomas Kittredge via mail at: City of Belfast, Belfast City Hall, 131 Church Street, Belfast, Maine 04915, via email at: economicdevelopment@cityofbelfast.org, or via phone at (207) 338-3370, extension 116.