Mooring Permit Information

Mooring and/or Moored Float related Forms

All forms may also be obtained by contacting the Harbor Master’s Office

Mooring permit fees are currently $90.00 for an individual mooring/moored float plus $2 per foot for vessels over 25 feet. Harbor Usage Fees are determined annually by the Belfast City Council with the advise of the Belfast Harbor Advisory Committee and Harbor Master. Please see the list of Harbor Usage Fees for other fee descriptions.

General Mooring and/or Moored Float Permit Requirements & Guidance

  • All mooring permits must be renewed annually. Renewal applications are mailed in early March and are to be returned by May 1st.
  • Maine resident vessel owners must register their vessel in the municipality which is their legal residence. In Maine a legal residence is defined as living in a location for 180 days. Out-of-state vessel owners have the option to register their vessel in Maine where the vessel is moored. Documented vessel owners must pay their excise where the vessel is moored.
  • Maine law requires ownership of a vessel to own a mooring.
  • Mooring permits are approved by the Harbor Master.
  • Mooring tackle may be sold by the owner if no longer wanted or permitted, but the space the mooring occupies belongs to the State of Maine and cannot be ’sold’. The Harbor Master must be notified if any change occurs with a permitted mooring.
  • Moorings may not be rented or used by individuals not registered to the mooring permit without the consent of the Harbor Master and State or Federal agencies and obtaining appropriate permits
  • The mooring location will be determined by the Harbor Master based on the length and draft of the vessel registered to the mooring, and available space.
  • When the permit is approved, the mooring owner may choose who will build and place the mooring but it must be according to the City of Belfast Harbor Ordinance mooring standards.
  • New moorings are still allowed in Belfast Harbor without waiting
  • There is a ’Wait List’ for new moorings or moored floats placed in the Inner Harbor, which is designated for commercial use only
  • The ’Wait List’ for the Outer Harbors is for current mooring owners waiting to move their mooring in closer
  • Moorings and Moored Floats are required to be inspected every two years

Tenders -  General Requirements and Tie-up

  • Tender fees are based on whether you are a property tax payer of Belfast
  • Maximum length of tenders is 10’ unless otherwise permitted by the Harbor Master
  • All tenders tied at City of Belfast Facilities require a current sticker which is available at the Harbor Master’s Office in May, and issued with payment.
  • All tenders tied at City Facilities must have the mooring number clearly displayed on the inside of the transom 
  • Transient vessel owners much check in at the Harbor Master’s Office when using City facilities
  • Tenders are not allowed on City facilities unless the vessel registered to the mooring is on the mooring