Brownfields Revitalization Plan

Overview and Objectives

The City of Belfast is undertaking a Brownfields Revitalization Plan (formerly referred to as the Market Study) that will support economic development and revitalization efforts within Belfast’s downtown and waterfront areas. The objectives for this plan are the following:

1.    Encourage private owners to develop and invest in their own properties;

2.    Encourage one or multiple entities to develop and invest in City-owned properties located at 45 Front Street (also referred to as ’Belfast Yards’) and 115 Congress Street (the former Public Works facility site); and

3.    Allow the City to demonstrate to the community that it has conducted sufficient due diligence and has thought deliberately and realistically regarding development options for all of these properties.

Property Survey

The City of Belfast is asking owners of properties located within the Brownfields Revitalization Plan's study area to complete an online survey. Your responses to this survey will be extremely helpful to the City's efforts in completing the inventory and analysis activities that are integral components of this plan. We are requesting that property owners complete the survey by 5:00 pm on Thursday, October 29, 2020. While the final plan itself will be made public and will be shared freely, the information that is collected from this survey will be aggregated and reported in summary only, and therefore no individual property information will be made public. The City will not share your responses and will not utilize your responses for any purpose other than informing this plan.

Link to the Property Survey

Link to the Map of the Brownfields Revitalization Plan Study Area


Any questions about the Brownfields Revitalization Plan or the Property Survey can be directed to: 

Thomas Kittredge

Economic Development Director, City of Belfast

(207) 338-3370, extension 116