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Police Department 

112 Church St.
Belfast, ME 04915

(207) 338-2420

Name Title Email Phone
McFadden, Michael J. Chief of Police
Gibbs, John Sergeant
Lunt, Brian Patrolman
Fitzpatrick, Daniel Sergeant
Cook , Matthew Sergeant
Lincoln, Gerald Detective
Stearns, Gregory School Resource
Kelley, Eric Patrolman
Rolerson, Michael Patrolman
Smith IV, Roy Patrolman
Couture, Jason Patrolman
Spencer , Travis Patrolman
Dyer, Lewis Patrolman
Guba, Jonathan Patrolman
Boucher, Michael Patrolman
McGinley, Marybeth Admin Assistant
Jones, Gregory Reserve Officer
Reed, Merl Reserve Officer
Gormley, Frank Reserve Officer
Jackson, Dean Reserve Officer
Jackson , Ryan Reserve Officer
Thompson, Dan Reserve Officer
Davis , Timothy Reserve Officer
Mushrall, David Reserve Officer
Kolko, Benjamin Reserve Officer
Griffith, Anne Reserve Officer
Fontaine, Penny Receptionist