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Posted on: October 19, 2017

Notice from City Assessor Regarding Appointments Requested for Inquiries on Assessed Valuation

Dear Belfast Property Owners,

Since the taxes were committed on September 23, 2017, the Assessing Department has been diligently responding to inquiries regarding the assessing methodology used for the 2017-2018 tax bills. We have done our best at keeping an accurate record of our correspondence with those who have reached out to our office and want to speak with you individually; however, due to a November 1st filing deadline for certain requirements for the Assessing Office, we cannot continue to go down through the list of remaining correspondences and explain one-by-one before the filing deadline passes.

For this reason, we would hope that we can coordinate a time after November 1st to speak with you either by phone or in person. Please contact the office at (207) 338-3370 x117 or at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment that works best for you. We will be glad to either sit with you here in the office or to call you at the set time. If you are aware of anyone who has not received this correspondence, please have them call us as well to request an appointment. This will be posted on the City’s website so that anyone reading it can also set up an appointment in the future.

If you do not agree that the assessed valuation is a fair representation of the market value of your property, please let us know upon scheduling. Any increases were not done to put your property at a valuation above market value. They were intended to be a just and fair approximation of market value based on the data we have available. We will be glad to reconsider any assessments at your request.

As the first half of tax bills are due shortly, keep in mind that you may pay the first half of your tax bill while not agreeing with your assessed valuation. If a change in assessment is warranted, even after paying your bill in full, you will receive either an abatement or credit toward the following payment. The state law does not provide a way for us to delay tax bill due dates.

In the interim before we speak again, here are several important items to consider:
1) If you are under financial duress as a result of an increase in property taxes, please let us know. We will confidentially send you a Hardship Abatement Application immediately.

2) Also, we will assist you with reaching the State of Maine’s Income Tax Division to determine if you qualify for the Property Tax Fairness Credit, which can be found by calling (207) 626-8475 or at the following website:

3) Please note the Memorandum and Video available for your viewing under the Tax Valuations and Rates section of the Assessing Department on the City’s website at

We look forward to hearing from you to set-up an appointment. Thank you for your patience as the Assessing Office attempts to make and then keep the property taxes just and fair for all property owners in Belfast.


Brent Martin
City Assessor
City of Belfast
Office of the Assessor
131 Church Street
Belfast, Maine 04915
Phone: (207) 338-3370, Ext 117
Email: assessing@cityofbelfast.